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Cocktail Bars & Lounge

  • Room 56 

  • Raised by Wolves 

  • Latitude Lounge

  • Prohibition 

  • Top of the Hyatt

Located in San Diego



Ms. Banx is a breath of fresh air. I was in San Diego for a few days and had the opportunity to meet her. Prior to that we exchanged a few lovely emails to get to know each other.  When we actually saw each other it was like I was seeing an old girlfriend. Screening was thorough but nothing too out of the ordinary.  We hung out for two hours at my place.  I appreciated her willingness to share her stories with me and open up about life. Her pictures are accurate but she’s so much more beautiful in person. I was transfixed on her eyes and beautiful legs. I definitely recommend Ms. Banx but please be sweet to her.


After smooth and comfortable screening and great communication I was lucky enough to meet with R'Moni and enjoy her company. She has a wonderful chill energy, and she built chemistry really well throughout the course of the date. So while we started out with the typical small talk and introductions, by the end of the date we were chatting and laughing like old friends. And she also happens to be remarkably pretty just like her pictures, always a big plus. Hoping she makes another trip to town as I'd love to see her again soon!


I contacted Rmoni during her most recent trip to the Bay Area.  Screening was easy and communication was excellent.  When she got to my place, I was greeted by a beautiful woman with absolutely stunning legs. I had a hard time keeping my eyes focused as we chatted on my couch about life and her home town of San Diego.  Rmoni had left some important items in her hotel room which was located close to my place.  I drove her back to the hotel and she came back right away even though I had already compensated her for time spent together.  Rmoni is trustworthy, beautiful, and I did I mention those legs.  Gentlemen, please treat her well and she will return the favor.  I hope to see her when she is back in town.

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